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The Good Girl Confessional

Eve Mizzi

#76 Eve Mizzi | Founder – Ducks In A Row Home Organisation

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres gets some home organisation tips from Eve Mizzi, the Founder of Ducks In A Row Home Organisation. Eve,...
The Silbereys (Emmie, Kerry and Isabelle) | Gogglebox Australia

#75 The Silberys | Emmie, Kerry and Isabelle | Gogglebox Australia

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with three generations of incredible women, a gorgeous family sharing their joy! You may...
Pia Antico

#74 Pia Antico | Founder Essential Awakening Mentoring | Best selling author

TW: Domestic Violence, trauma Today in the Confessional host Sandy Lowres chats with Pia Antico - the Founder of Essential Awakening Mentoring, a Crone...

#73 Jane Caro – Feminist, Author and Senate Candidate

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres is thrilled to be chatting with Jane Caro AM to chat about her new book The Mother,...
Vanessa Muradian

Podcast #72 | Vanessa Muradian | Founder Mia Muse

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres has a fantastic conversation with sexologist and yoga teacher Vanessa Muradian (she/they). Vanessa, and Armenian-Australian, is the...
Natalie and Lisa

Podcast #71 | Natalie Moore and Lisa Saunders | Founders Own Your Health Collective

t Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with Natalie Moore and Lisa Saunders. Natalie and Lisa help women achieve holistic health and wellbeing...
Therese Tarlinton

Podcast #70 | Therese Tarlinton | Author

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres is chatting with fellow red-head and marketing guru, Therese Tarlinton! Therese is passionate about marketing partnerships and is...

#69 Jewels | Body Builder, Speaker & Author – The Making of A Woman

TW: Childhood abuse, Alcohol Recovery Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with Jewels. Jewels is an award-winning author, speaker, and award-winning bodybuilder who...

#68 Lise Carlaw & Sarah Wills | Those Two Girls – Forty Favours The...

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills, also known as Those Two Girls. After they met in their mid-30s, Lise...
Mia Northrop

#67 Mia Northrop | Author & Podcast Host – Life Admin Life Hacks

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with Life Hacker, Mia Northrop! Mia is a trained coach, co-host of the Life Admin Life Hacks podcast and...
Melissa Griffiths

#66 Melissa Griffiths | Transgender Advocate | Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with brave and beautiful Melissa Griffith. Melissa is a transgender authority and advocate based in Melbourne. As a...

#65 Carolyn Tate & Gillian Moody | Champagne Cartel | Founder Champagne Divorce Club

Separation and divorce can be painful and lonely life experiences. If you are like many women faced with the prospect, you might be asking...
Annette Densham

Podcast #64 Annette Densham | Author | PR Specialist | Comic

Today in the Confessional, Sandy welcomes Annette Densham,  an award-winning PR specialist, and the author of her memoir - How To Eat a Shit...
Shannah Kennedy

Podcast #63 Shannah Kennedy | Author, Life Coach

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with Shannah Kennedy who is a Life Coach and the best selling author of 7 books that have...
Susie Obrien

#62 Dr. Susie O’Brien | Journalist | Author – The Secrets of Half-Arsed Parenting

This week Sandy chats with Dr Susie O'Brien in the confessional, a delightful journalist and columnist with a PhD in Education. For the last...
Jane Vandermeer

#61 Jane Vandermeer | Holistic Stylist | Entrepreneur

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with Jane Vandermeer, a delightful entrepreneur who has built a number of award winning businesses including Finesse Business...
Stephanie Thompson

#60 (Part 2) Stephanie Thompson | Author, Founder of Bravemumma.com | Birth Trauma Advocate

Trigger Warning: This podcast contains information about Birth Trauma and may be distressing for some. Please use discretion. Sandy chats with Stephanie Thompson, author of...
Stephanie Thompson

#60 Stephanie Thompson – Part 1 | Author – The Day My Vagina Broke...

Trigger Warning: This podcast contains information about Birth Trauma and may be distressing for some. Please use discretion. - - Welcome to the first...
Gill Holden

#59 Gill Holden | Director and Founder Clover Lane Consulting

Today in The Confessional Sandy chats with Gillian Holden, Director and Founder of Clover Lane consulting. Gill is an industry professional, with a clear...
Sally Hepworth

#58 Sally Hepworth | New York Times Best Selling Author

Host Sandy Lowres chats with very special guest Sally Hepworth in the Confessional about Sally's amazing career as a full time author and her...
Lou Duggan

#57 Lou Duggan | Entrepreneur | Head Baker Girl & Owner of Cake 2...

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with a genuinely lovely (and funny) human who is determined to help parents stop agonising over birthday celebrations. Scottish...
Colleen Callander

#56 Colleen Callander | Award winning CEO & Founder – Mentor Me Women ...

Sandy was so excited to chat with award-winning CEO and Founder of Mentor Me Women, Colleen Callander, in the Confessional. Colleen, with 30 years...
Jo Stanley

#55 Jo Stanley | TV & Radio Personality | Founder Broad Radio

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with Jo Stanley about her incredible new project, Broad Radio. Jo is synonymous with radio and TV. She is...

#54 Jo Pybus | Columnist Her Canberra | Late Onset Feminist

Jo Pybus is a late onset feminist who shares observations from her life in the middle-ages through another late onset pursuit; writing. Having been...
Susan Jarvis

#53 Susan Jarvis |The Maven

tLike the Spice Girls, do you want to spice up your life?! Well, who wouldn't? If you're curious, this is definitely the podcast episode...
Rachel Walker Mason

#52 | Rachel Walker Mason | Multi Award Winning Musician | Author | Advocate

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with Rachel Walker Mason, an extraordinary woman who has achieved so much in her stellar career, and isn't...
Michelle Bowditch

#51 Michelle Bowditch | Tech Lover | CEO & Founder Door 20a

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with Michelle Bowditch. While many of us are struggling to keep up with technology, Michelle embraces it! Michelle...
Donna Cameron

#49 Donna Cameron | Personal Stylist Specialist | Author

Our special guest, Donna Cameron, joins us to chat about how injecting colour into your wardrobe is a great step towards creating a sustainable...
Shirley Bilson

#48 Shirley Billson | The Menopause Anxiety Coach

Our special guest is Shirley Billson. Shirley, based in the UK, is the Menopause Anxiety Coach, helping women to change to rules of menopause,...
Justine Martin

#47 Justine Martin | Award winning artist, Resilience Consultant, MS Advocate

Our special guest is Justine Martin, who speaks with Sandy about her successful corporate life being turned upside down in 2011 when she was...
Libby Moore

#46 Libby Moore | Certified Life Coach, Creative Connector | Former Chief of Staff...

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with very special guest, Libby Moore about her extraordinary career and her very personal life journey of discovering...

#45 kwavi Agbeyegbe | Author – 50 Questions to Answer When You Reach Fifty...

Our special guest this week is Kwavi, a powerful woman on a mission to change the world one woman at a time. Based in...

Podcast # 44 Adalita | Rock Goddess | Lead Singer – Magic Dirt

Our special guest is Adalita Srsen. Adalita is an icon in the Australian music industry, having carved out a successful solo career as well...
Amani haydar

#43 Amani Haydar |Artist, Author of “The mother Wound”

TW: This podcast includes discussions of domestic violence, abuse, murder, grief and loss. Please listen at your own discretion. - Amani Haydar is an incredible human...
Sandy Davies

#42 Sandy Davies | Founder Happy Pause

Today in The Confessional, Sandy chats with Sandy Davies, entrepreneur and founder of Happy Pause Menopause Balm. Necessity is often the mother of invention...
Sue Brabender

#41 Sue Brabender | Founder Me Time

Sue Brabender joins Sandy in The Confessional for her very first podcast (ever!) to talk about the misnomer that we can "have it all"....

#40 Tana Douglas | First female Roadie | Author – LOUD

Tana Douglas is iconic in the music industry, being recognised as the very first female Roadie. As a teenage run away from Brisbane, Tana...
Sarah Rusbatch

#39 | Sarah Rusbatch | Grey Area Drinking Coach | SLR Wellness

Sarah Rusbatch is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, accredited 'Grey Area Drinking' coach, host of two thriving communities for women in sobriety and...
Sam White

#38 Sam White | CEO – Freedom Group | Stella Insurance

Sam White joins Sandy as our special guest in The Confessional. Sam started her own business after losing her mother, breaking her leg and...

Podcast #37 | Ailsa Wild | Author · Speaker · Facilitator

Today in the Confessional, Sandy is joined by Ailsa Wild! Ailsa is an author, performer and community artist with a history of deep collaboration...

#36 Kathy Barron | Editor-in-Chief | Women Who Podcast Magazine

When one magazine publisher meets another! Kathy Barron is the host and producer of the successful California-based podcast Women Who Sarcast, and she joins Sandy...
Tracey Spicer

Podcast #35 | Tracey Spicer AM | Journalist, Author, Broadcaster

Today one good girl chats to another in the Confessional as Sandy chats with special guest Tracey Spicer AM.Tracey is a multiple Walkley Award...

Podcast #34 | Jules Brooke | She’s the Boss Founder

Today on the podcast our special guest is Jules Brooke! Jules is a public relations expert but she’s no ordinary PR person. Jules has...

Podcast #33 | Natalie Walker | founder of PartnerSPEAK

Trigger warning: Online child sexual abuse, trauma Please welcome change maker and advocate Natalie Walker. When Natalie Walker was in her early twenties and...
Ginger Gorman

Podcast #32 Ginger Gorman | Multi-Award Winning Journalist, Best Selling Author, Mentor

Ginger Gorman is a fearless and multi award-winning social justice journalist. She is the host of the Podcast, Seriously Social. Throughout her career, she’s...

Podcast #31 – Kristy Sumner | Paranormal Investigator | Soul Sisters Paranormal

Do you believe in ghosts? Are you fascinated by stories of the unexplained? Then this might be the podcast for you! Kristy Sumner is...

Podcast #30 Lisa Westgate | Speaker, Mental Health Expert, Author

Lisa Westgate is an award winning passionate advocate for open conversations about difficult and sometimes taboo topics. Her no BS style appeals to the...

Podcast 29 – Lisa Cox – Author

As a media and advertising professional, Lisa Cox spent years making products, brands, and messages visible. Now, after having acquired a disability, she’s using...

Podcast 028 – Donna Stolzenberg- Australian of the Year 2021 – CE0/Founder | National...

Proud Indigenous woman Donna Stolzenberg is a CEO, keynote speaker and trainer. In 2014, she had the simple idea of handing out 50 donated...

Podcast 027 – Kate Forsyth & Belinda Murrell

180 years ago, Australia’s first children’s book was published by an anonymous writer known only as “a lady long resident in NSW.” The identity...

Podcast 026 – Tara Moss

Today in the confessional I am so thrilled to chat with Tara Moss, the award winning author and advocate for women, children and people...

Podcast 025 – Chloe Higgins – Writer

Chloe Higgins writes about the things she’s afraid of: death, sex, love, and how she feels about her mother. The Girls, a memoir of...

Podcast 024 – Kayte Murphy & Kim Berry

Kayte Murphy and Kim Berry are the hosts of the fabulously popular podcast, The Hot Flush - The Premier Podcast for Peri-Menopausal People! Kayte...

Podcast 023 – Stephanie Wood | Author, Award-winning journalist

Imagine falling in love with a man, imaging your life together and then finding out that everything he claimed to be was a lie....

Podcast 022 – Sally Leydon – Podcaster “The Lady Vanishes”

Sally Leydon, has been searching for her mother, Marion Barter, for 23 years. Marion is a missing person, much-loved mother and a celebrated teacher....

Podcast 021 – Nikki Hind – Blind Grit

Nikki Hind is a social entrepreneur and Australia's first legally blind fashion designer, with a background in PR, Communications and Event Management. Nikki is...

Podcast 020 – Dr. Catherine Barrett – Founder |The Kindness Pandemic

Dr Catherine Barrett is a doctor, educator and researcher who started #TheKindnessPandemic only 3 weeks ago and it has become a global movement with...

Podcast 019 – Susan Francis – Author

Spending over twenty years searching for her biological parents, Susan met the love of her life. After a whirlwind romance, they married and set...

Podcast 018 (Part 2) -Claire Ashman – Cult Survivor to Ted X Talker

For almost a decade she lived by the whim of a man who called himself "Little Pebble", the leader of a doomsday cult called The Order of St. Charbel. Forced to join the religious order, she took a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience and attended prayer sessions three times a day, It was the concern for the safety of her eight young children that eventually saw her bravely flee with her kids from the secretive cult , led by convicted rapist and pedophile William Kamm, on the NSW south coast.

Podcast 018 (Part 1) – Clair Ashman – From Cult Survivor to Ted X...

Claire Ashman is a remarkable woman. She grew up in a sect, a break away from the Catholic Church, and at 18 married a...

Podcast 017 – Sara Cunningham – Founder, Free Mom Hugs

Her book 'How We Sleep at Night: A Mother's Memoir' has been optioned by Jamie Lee Curtis and will be released as a film.

Podcast 016 – Nadene Marsh & Sarah Hennessey – Let’s Talk Menopause

Many women listening here in The Confessional, or of a certain age, will be going through peri-menopause or menopause. Host Sandy Lowres chats to...

Podcast 015 – Kerri Sackville – author, columnist, and social commentator

Today in the Confessional we chat to writer Kerri Sackville! Kerri is an Australian author, columnist, social commentator, media personality and mother of three....

Podcast 014 – Nicole Brownlee – Company Owner at Story Box Library

Nicole Brownlee is an innovative women in business who founded The Story Box Library in 2012 utilising her passion for children's literature and a...

Podcast 013 – Caroline Candusso – LA MAMÁ & Creative Director at Papel (Paper)

Caroline Candusso is the Creative Director of studio Papel (Paper), Along with her son and business Partner, Agustin, who is 10 years old, create...

Podcast 012 – Lou Pollard – Clown Doctor & Comedian

Gorgeous Lou Pollard chats about Clown Doctoring, single parenting, taking care of parents in a sandwich generation, and finding humour in life. Lou Pollard...

Podcast – 011 Becky Paroz – #GladiatHer

Becky Paroz is a mentor, performance coach, speaker, author and has built a career for over 30 years in the male dominated construction industry,...

Podcast 010 – Erin Guest – Surviving Essure

Erin Guest, a Melbourne based woman, shares her important story with us. This is a story of surviving the medical device called Essure. Although...

Podcast 009 – Kimberly Holiday-Coleman – Cancer Survivor to Thriver

Kimberly Holiday-Coleman is a sister queen who hails from Houston, Texas but is living her amazing life in Lexington, Kentucky with her loving family....

Podcast – 008 Karen Andrews | Author, Blogger and Poet

Want to be a blogger? Karen Andrews is an expert and talks about life and all things blogging! Karen has been blogging since 2006...

Podcast 007 – Amalia Chilianis – Wellbeing & Happiness

Amalia is a Capability Expert, helping organisations, teams and individuals identify and build capability. She has been a leader in the HR and Organisational...

Podcast 006 – Isiah Mckimmie – Sexologist & Couple’s Therapist

Let's talk about sex! Isiah McKimmie is one of Australia's leading relationship and sex experts. She is a couples therapist, sexologist and Let's...

Podcast 005 – Sandy Lowres – Who is The Good Girl?

Who is the Good Girl and how did the Good Girl Confessional all begin? Where did the name come from? On this episode of...

Podcast 004 – Carly Findlay – Author, Activist & Gorman lover

The lovely Carly Findlay discusses her memoir, Say Hello, and chats about sewing, colour, music and gives us a confession or two! Carly is...

Podcast 003 – Deep Kick Girl – Cocktails, donuts & NYC

Kathy from the blog, Deep Kick Girl is a Sydney based creative who describes herself as a twice divorced working mother and a half-assed...
Debra and Sandy

Podcast 002 – Debra Cerasa – CEO, Leader, Celebrant

Debra Cerasa Podcast CEO of Jobs Australia, Debra Cerasa, is also a blogger, celebrant and mentor. She chats about challenges women face in their careers...
Sandra Reynolds

Podcast 001 – Sandra Reynolds – Founder $120 Food Challenge

Overcoming adversity and poverty after her long term marriage ended in divorce, Sandra Reynold's resilience and her desire to feed her children nutritional meals...

Alex the Seal

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