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#65 Carolyn Tate & Gillian Moody | Champagne Cartel | Founder Champagne Divorce Club

Separation and divorce can be painful and lonely life experiences. If you are like many women faced with the prospect, you might be asking yourself what the hell are you meant to do now?

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with Carolyn Tate and Gillian Moody, the founders of The Champagne Divorce Club. Together, the besties who run Champagne Cartel – an online magazine and community for women who want to live a Fuck Yes life – have created a one-stop-shop for advice and support on separation, divorce and finding yourself after the dust settles.

Both Carolyn and Gillian have lived experience in this arena. Both had to wade through the unknown of life beyond their marriages while juggling children, financial concerns and their own grief. What they came to realise is that finding the help and support you need during such an emotional time is not always easy, and they wanted it to be easier for other women.

The Champagne Divorce Club brings together an incredible team of experts – including psychologists, lawyers, life coaches, family law experts and financial advisors – to help step women through this difficult process, while offering support along the way. Gillian and Carolyn want help you to emerge on the other side knowing that you can live an incredible life on your own terms!

If you are going through this process, or even considering it, you will not want to miss this episode. Their wisdom is a must listen to! Carolyn and Gillian will also be holding a FREE Webinar in partnership with Women Beyond Forty on Friday 18th February 2022. You can register here:


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