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#60 (Part 2) Stephanie Thompson | Author, Founder of Bravemumma.com | Birth Trauma Advocate

Trigger Warning: This podcast contains information about Birth Trauma and may be distressing for some. Please use discretion.

Sandy chats with Stephanie Thompson, author of The Day My Vagina Broke and the founder of Bravemumma. In 2015, Stephanie suffered a traumatic childbirth injury her life and her body forever. Stephanie talks openly and honestly about her lived experience of birth trauma, a subject that should be talked about openly, but is often considered taboo. In Part 2 of this episode, Stephanie shares the story of being drawn to Bali, and how leaving her family to go on a cathartic writing retreat there, helped her to write her book and process her lived birth trauma experience.

Stephanie is now on a mission to share her story and start conversations about how we view childbirth, to create understanding and education. Her intention is not to scare those who are pregnant or hoping to conceive, but to help women be more informed.

Her book, The Day My Vagina Broke, is a private exploration into bravery and healing when the impacts of trauma are lifelong and permanent. Stephanie makes the case for moving away from a one-size-fits-many approach to how we inform mothers during the antenatal period and shift towards a model of individualised assessment and care.

Stephanie says, “I wrote it for myself, for my daughter and for all women, everywhere.”

You can follow Stephanie, and find out more about her book here:

Please stay tuned for Part Two of this Podcast Episode.

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