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Justine Whitchurch


Justine Whitchurch is a Health and Fitness Coach, writer and founder of Justine Whitchurch Enterprises. She created her company after finding success in her own recovery from alcohol addiction and mental health issues, through health and fitness. At rock bottom in 2012 she entered a rehab program and counselling sessions in a bid to regain control. Her psychologist at the time ‘suggested’ she should join the gym and start exercising. This is where the magic happened. With every challenge she conquered physically she also grew mentally. She quickly learned the significant correlation between good physical health and strong mental health. Now she is on a mission to ‘pay forward’ the gift of wellness by coaching other women, helping them structure their lives to incorporate all facets of wellness but mostly find their sense of self-worth again through fitness. “Being physically fit and strong in turn gives you the ability to face life’s challenges from a much healthier perspective.” Recognising that one of the key factors to success in recovery is support and belief from others, The Life factory aims to restore life to those who feel they have lost it. “Sometimes you need someone else to believe in you before you can believe in yourself.” Justine is also the author of ‘Sobriety delivered EVERYTHING alcohol promised’ which details her personal experience from a near death alcoholic mum of two through the stages of recovery to not only survive, but thrive.

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