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#78 – Virginia Maywald – Anna Buckley Books – Erotic Fiction Writer

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with Virginia Maywald who writes incredible and popular erotic fiction for women under her pen name Anna Buckley. She writes books that are about women taking control of their lives – financially, emotionally and sexually. Her books are set across the world featuring art, architecture, design, fashion, food and wine.

When Virginia first read erotic fiction like 50 Shades of Grey, she realised that there was a need for more erotic fiction, based around believable women who took ownership of their sexuality. Virginia wanted to create books that would allow the reader to experience an escape from life while enjoying eroticism.

The Anna Buckley books started with a trilogy centred around the character Christina Maxwell, an ordinary woman who had put her life on hold being the good wife.
She is forced to make drastic changes after the untimely death of her husband.
Her trilogy – Awakening the Lost Woman, Capturing the Lost Woman and Finding the Lost Woman follow the widow on her journey of sexual and emotional awakening.

Based in the tropical paradise of Cairns in far north Queensland, Virginia gives us a sneak look also at her soon to be released book, where she has created a whole new character for readers to follow.

You won’t want to miss this conversation!

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