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Podcast #111 Sarah Steel | Let’s Talk about Sects Podcast host and Filmmaker

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Today on The Good Girl Confessional I’m chatting with Podcaster and producer, Sarah Steel. Sarah is the author of Do As I Say, a book about coercive control and cults, and host of the award winning podcast @letstalkaboutsects

When Sarah launched her podcast in 2017, a podcast dedicated to talking about cults and sects was a new concept. The popularity of her podcast surprised even her, but it quickly gained a large following.

Sarah is a filmmaker and writer with a keen interest in social sciences, culture and psychology. She has now written a book on the subject of cults and coercive control, Do As I Say and is a sought after expert on this topic. Through her podcast, and the bravery of her guests, Sarah shows how anyone could find themselves in a sect or cult.

Her podcast guests have included survivors of cults as well as experts and advocates.

Her guests haves included guests like Sarah Edmondson and her husband Anthony ‘Nippy’ Ames who spent 12 years in NXIVM – the subject of a Netflix docuseries, The Vow. They now host a podcast called A Little Bit Culty

However, Sarah also has deep conversations with survivors of lesser known Australian and international cults also, including Claire Ashman who left Australian cult The Order of St. Charbel. (Claire shared her story her also in The GGC – https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-good-girl-confessional/id1475210883?i=1000465994418)

You will not want to miss this podcast episode!

The Good Girl Confessional is proudly the award winning podcast of @womenbeyondforty a platform sharing the hard-won taboo free wisdom of women 40, 50, 60 and beyond.

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Instagram: @letstalkaboutsects

Do As I Say is available in bookstores and on Audible.

Sarah Steel
Sarah Steel

Sarah is the creator of Let's Talk About Sects, and she produces and writes all episodes, as well as hosting. She is a filmmaker and writer with a keen interest in social sciences, culture and psychology. Sarah has been published in The Guardian, Indiewire, The Metro (UK), has appeared at Vivid Sydney, on Channel 9's Today Show and SBS's The Feed, and has also produced for ABC Radio National's Earshot program. Her debut book about cults, charisma, coercive control and our communities, Do As I Say, is out now and available in hardcopy, audiobook and ebook format.

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