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#45 kwavi Agbeyegbe | Author – 50 Questions to Answer When You Reach Fifty | Life Coach

Our special guest this week is Kwavi, a powerful woman on a mission to change the world one woman at a time. Based in Atlanta USA, Kwavi is the author of 50 Questions to Answer When You Reach Fifty – A guide to help women thrive and shine in their fifties and beyond. Like the work of Wb40 Magazine, Kwavi is aware we are living in a youth obsessed society that is constantly telling women over the age of 50 they don’t matter., and she is making a difference.

Kwavi also completed an interview series called 50 Shades of Over 50 where she interviewed 51 women in different countries about their experiences of being over 50. Kwavi also runs an online community called Flourish. You won’t want to miss this! Kwavi’s book 50 Questions to Answer when You Reach 50 is available on Amazon:

www.kwavi.com/book1 Flourish – https://www.kwavi.tv/flourish-wb40 TikTok: @kwavi.tv Instagram: www.instagram.com/kwavi.tv – –


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