Podcast #110 Anita Jacoby AM.| TV Producer – Author

Anita Jacoby
Anita Jacoby

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres is chatting with acclaimed television producer and author Anita Jacoby, AM.

Anita has an extraordinary career across both print and television media and has worked with industry greats and on award-winning shows, including Enough Rope with Andrew Denton, The Gruen Transfer, Good Morning Australia, Today and 60 Minutes, as well as  documentaries such as Angels & Demons and Chelmsford Hospital.  During her distinguished career, Anita has won many awards – AACTAs, AFIs, an Order of Australia Media Award (60 minutes) and even a Logie Award.

In 2021, Anita received the Gold Distinguished Service Medal, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

It’s no surprise then that Anita doesn’t do anything by halves. When her beloved father passed away, Anita realised she might not know all she thought about him and set about on a journey to uncover facts about her dad.  She could never have predicted the story that was about to unfold. Anita tells the story of her father in her book Secrets from Behind the Screen: The Award-winning TV Producer’s compelling search for the truth. At the heart of this story is a daughter’s love for her father, and the moment she uncovers the human she hadn’t seen.

Anita shares her incredible wisdom about her career in the Australian TV Industry, as well as the captivating story that unfolds in her book.

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Anita Jacoby is one of Australia's most successful producers. As Head of Production at Zapruder's Other Films, a production company she established with Andrew Denton, she executively produced the highly successful and popular series' Enough Rope with Andrew Denton which won the AFI award for Best Light Entertainment series in 2003, 2004 and 2006. Jacoby was also an executive producer on the popular and award winning series The Gruen Transfer (2008-11) and the related series' Gruen Planet (2011) and Gruen Sweat (2012). Jacoby has worked in a variety of roles over the course of her career, including as a researcher for Simon Townsend's Wonder World, as a subeditor at the Australian Women's Weekly, and as an executive producer for the television series Laws , Sunday, Witness, The Today Show and 60 minutes. On her status as a role model for other women in the media industry, she has said pragmatically that 'gender is irrelevant if you can do the job well' (Jacoby, 2012). In 2012, Jacoby left her role at Zapruder's, telling the media that 'she had shared a wonderful creative partnership with Denton but it was time to strike out on her own' (Amanda Meade, 2012).