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Kez Wickham St George


Kez Wickham St George an award winning #1 best seller has a strong determination to support people from diverse backgrounds in bringing out the best in their creative side. Kez is widely travelled, her experience and expansive authorship encourages you to think outside the box. She has a high calibre of leadership skills, and a pioneer in what authors can be and do in this digital world. Kez has her written work with two royal families in the UK and Sweden, has co compiled an anthology on the lives of eighteen international women, plus co Compiled with Michiko Sato a poetry & short story encouraging Authors and Artists included from Ako Japan. Kez has penned fourteen books herself, lately a trilogy, a poem & quote, and an anthology with #mmhpress. A movie made from the prologue her last novel Scribe shown on theatres across Australia was a dream come true. Kez is a popular co-host on many TV and Radio stations. She has a passion for personal development where women’s access to resources globally is concerned, Kez is a leader in her profession, a public speaker and accomplished author in many magazines #eYs #Honeybee #Consiouslivingdirectory. Kez is passionate about education for all women globally, she has a strong belief this is the key to equality. Kez encourages all to express themselves in some form of art no matter the genre. One of her favourite quotes is ‘Be seen be heard be known’.

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