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#69 Jewels | Body Builder, Speaker & Author – The Making of A Woman

TW: Childhood abuse, Alcohol Recovery

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with Jewels. Jewels is an award-winning author, speaker, and award-winning bodybuilder who hopes to inspire others to push forward no matter the challenges. After enduring an abusive childhood, Jewels decided to use her earlier trauma to enter recovery, sexually liberate herself, and enter the competitive world of bodybuilding. At age 49, Jewels placed 3rd at the NPC North American Championships in 2021.

During her book launch tour, Jewels has appeared on over 20 podcasts to discuss a variety of important topics from her memoir including childhood trauma, sexual abuse, alcoholism, shame, LGBTQ, and alternate lifestyles. Jewels has had the honour of being a guest speaker on Keys and Anklets, a podcast focused on separating facts from fiction within often widely misunderstood lifestyles, the Pillow Talk with Venus crowd cast, another podcast that focuses on female-led relationships, and a documentary of alternate lifestyles broadcasted in the UK.

THE MAKING OF A WOMAN is the compelling autobiography of a dynamic female who refused to bow down to the circumstances of her birth. With a prevailing sense of self and survival, Jewels fought a hardscrabble war against the forces and people that populated her life in a way that often crushes others. Jewels is based in Dallas, Texas.

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