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#85 Justine Whitchurch | Personal Trainer | Author – Sobriety Delivered Everything Alcohol Promised

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with a remarkable woman and her journey to sobriety after an addiction threatened her life.

Justine Whitchurch is a personal trainer, author, and recovered alcoholic (now thriving) 49year old Mum of two.

There has never been a more pertinent time to speak a message of hope to all of those caught in the clutches of poor mental and physical health, alcoholism, and addiction during this challenging time of COVID19 and its aftermath.

Every day, people are suffering and self-medicating with alcohol which Justine refers to as the ‘EPIDEMIC that will outlive the PANDEMIC’.

Her writing and blogging experience is centred around self-medicating, alcohol addiction, how exercise was the key to her turn around, mental health maintenance, living without alcohol although being ‘around’ it, and so much more.

Her journey of recovery is detailed in her book ‘Sobriety delivered EVERYTHING alcohol promised’.

Justine continues to ‘make her mess her message’ to provide an example that life without the bottle is beautiful.

Instagram – @jusswhitchurch
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jusswhitchurch

You can find Sobriety Delivered Everything Alcohol Promised here:


Preview video below.

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