#57 Lou Duggan | Entrepreneur | Head Baker Girl & Owner of Cake 2 The Rescue

Lou Duggan
Lou Duggan

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with a genuinely lovely (and funny) human who is determined to help parents stop agonising over birthday celebrations.

Scottish born, Queensland-based Entrepreneur Lou Duggan is the founder of Cake 2 The Rescue, an award-winning DIY cake kit company which has helped more than 40,000 Australian families pour their love into a homemade cake.

With a background in engineering and design, Lou has spent the last ten years building Cake 2 The Rescue into a thriving ecommerce business, with more than 250 cake kit designs, and a loyal
online audience of 60,000+ cake fans. Sandy and Lou talk about following your childhood dreams, doing what brings you joy and not worrying about any crumbs in the cake icing!

As a talented creative entrepreneur, Lou is a big believer in the power of vulnerability in business,
and loves empowering other women to ditch perfectionism and embrace entrepreneurship.
Originally from Scotland, Lou is mum to three gorgeous teenage girls, and lives on the Gold Coast
with her hubby Craig. She confesses an addiction to human connection, homewares and her dog

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