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#61 Jane Vandermeer | Holistic Stylist | Entrepreneur

Today in the Confessional, Sandy chats with Jane Vandermeer, a delightful entrepreneur who has built a number of award winning businesses including Finesse Business & Style, and Intuitive Whispers. Jane has been working in the fashion industry for 30 years, wearing many hats including designer, tailor, pattern maker, buyer, Wholesale & Retail sales, Lecturer, Business Owner and creator. Jane describes herself as a holistic and soulful stylist who is helping women to feel good about themselves regardless of their size or shape.

When Jane talks about her clients, it’s immediately obvious how much she cares about them. She explains that she gently guides them to a revised, updated & truly authentic aesthetic. She understands that women are multi-dimensional. Our identities are a tangle of connections to activities, places, interests, values & aspirations.

Jane has also built her successful business called Intuitive Whispers making multi-award winning artisan Parfume oils and natural deodorants. After finding a few benign breast lumps, Jane created Breast Care Deodorant. Her products are described as Ethical luxury for the conscious consumer and have appeared in many publications, including Vogue UK.

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