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Chiquita Searle


Prepare to be enthralled as you delve into the fascinating world of Chiquita Searle, the brilliant mind and creative force behind the renowned eyewear brand, CHIQUITA. With a captivating journey from initial shame to unapologetic empowerment, Chiquita's personal story is a testament to the transformative power of eyewear. From her humble beginnings as a glasses-wearing student facing ridicule, she emerged as a fearless advocate of statement eyewear, embracing her unique identity with gusto. Witness the birth of CHIQUITA, driven by Chiquita's own frustration with the lack of bold and expressive eyewear options available to women. Discover how her brand swiftly adapted during the challenging times of COVID, catering to the emerging need for stylish blue light frames for those working from home. With a vision to empower women and redefine the eyewear landscape, CHIQUITA is set to disrupt the industry with its sexy, empowering designs. Be inspired as Chiquita shares her pride in having her frames adorned by notable celebrities and featured in esteemed publications. If you're seeking guidance in selecting your perfect frame, reach out to CHIQUITA's helpful team at hello@chiquita.co. The perfect blend of intelligence, femininity, and strength through CHIQUITA eyewear!"

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