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Sam White

Sam White joins Sandy as our special guest in The Confessional. Sam started her own business after losing her mother, breaking her leg and breaking up with her boyfriend, all within a very short space of time. She’s now the founder and CEO of five very successful businesses, including launching Stella Insurance in Australia. An insurance company run by women, focusing on women.

Sam is an absolute force to be reckoned with and a real change instigator. She is driven and powered by a desire to fundamentally change the insurance industry for the better. A vocal supporter of equal rights and the promotion of diversity throughout the work place, 67% of Sam’s directors are women.

Sam is a born leader and motivator. Sam is naturally charismatic and opportunistic, two qualities which are essential when securing investment and capacity for her businesses. Operating a meritocracy is extremely important to Sam, she fundamentally believes in rewarding the people who work the hardest.

Innovative philanthropy is also a key consideration to Sam, she established a foundation benefiting from all her businesses with the goal of supporting some of the most worthy human rights causes locally and internationally.

This motivated mother of two also has her own podcast called Human Business with Sam White. The series takes the listener on an exploration of the benefits of staying authentic in business. She focuses on people who can talk candidly about how to succeed in business without ruining anybody’s spirit along the way. Her wisdom is incredible.

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