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Susan Jarvis
Susan Jarvis

tLike the Spice Girls, do you want to spice up your life?! Well, who wouldn’t? If you’re curious, this is definitely the podcast episode for you!

Today in The Confessional, Sandy chats with Susan Jarvis, the visionary behind The Spicy Boudoir and the host of The Maven’s Private Diaries Podcast! Susan is an incredible woman who discovered her extraordinary self by tapping into her sexual energy, beyond the age of 40!

“I have experienced a transformation from a stale and empty life, to one full of love, passion, laughter and yes, bloody good sex. All because I had the guts to try. The guts to step outside my boundaries and the guts not to care what people thought of me. Susan is passionate about helping other women, and men, embrace their sexuality. In particular, persons aged over 50, people living with a disability and/or chronic illness are not represented in the landscape of ageless and positive sexuality.

As she explains, we are alive, and we desire, and deserve sexual fulfilment! This is topic that is so important for women experiencing peri-menopause and menopause and worried about the impact on their sex drive.

Susan is passionate about the fact that personal growth and change are achievable at any stage of adult life. Susan shares her journey of finding herself, exploring her sexual self and learning to love herself during peri-menopause and beyond.

Susan is honest, hilarious and brilliant and we know you will love this episode! As a writer, Susan’s articles have also been featured in Wb40 – Women Beyond Forty Magazine, MamaMia, Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Mail.

You can follow Susan and her wisdom here: https://www.thespicyboudoir.com/

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