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#79 Dr. Lisa Beckett | Medical GP & Tech Entrepreneur | Founder of Candor

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with an incredible innovator! There’s a raft of unspoken health and wellbeing issues great and small that are faced by the general public and sometimes the distress these issues can cause, means patients can go years before mustering the courage to seek help. With new technology, and the digitisation of health, finding a solution might be as simple as picking up your phone or opening your laptop.

Dr.Lisa Beckett has built a successful career as a medical GP in Australia but after recognising a void with medical consultations, Lisa founded a Telehealth platform called Candor, which allows patients to book online consultations with fully qualified doctors to discuss and treat issues such as sexual health (contraception needs, erectile disfunction etc), medicinal marijuana treatments (chemo and cancer care, chronic pain, sleep disorders), skin care solutions and hair loss.

Candor is an online platform that allows patients to access comprehensive, evidence-based medical care through a simple online form. Candor’s services cover a wide range of medical conditions including hair loss, allergies, sleep issues, contraception, acne and more.

Patients consult online, and fill out an online assessment form which is then reviewed by an Australian GP who provides a tailored treatment plan and prescription. No need to visit a pharmacy: the prescription is delivered straight to your door.

You can follow Dr. Lisa Beckett and learn more about Candor here:


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