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Podcast #91 | Sandy Davies & Susan Jarvis | Bullying, abuse and trauma. How do women find the strength and resilience to rise above?

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with the Editor of the powerful anthology, The Power To Rise Above, Sandy Davies; and fellow author Susan Jarvis. Sandy Lowres is proud to be a part of this book also where she has shared her story of overcoming childhood abuse.

Sandy Davies has brought 30 women from across the globe together to share their very human stories of overcoming adversity. She is also the founder of Happy Pause, creating the revolutionary HappyPause Menopause balm, supporting women going through Perimenopause and menopause experiencing vaginal dryness.

Susan Jarvis also wrote a powerful chapter in this book, talking about the affects bullying had on her life. Susan is the founder of The Spicy Boudoir, and is the host of The Maven’s Private Diaries Podcast. Susan is a sexual wellness coach and supports sexuality for women in midlife.

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Sandy Davies
Sandy Davies

Sandy Davies is the visionary behind Ozark Press, publisher of book The Power to Rise Above. Sandy is also dedicated to helping women get their groove back during peri/post menopause as the founder and formulator of HappyPause™ Balm. Sandy’s mantra is it is never too late and we are most certainly NEVER too old. Live your dreams with wild abandon. happypause.com.au | thepowertoriseabove.com.au

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