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Feature Articles

#43 Amani Haydar |Artist, Author of “The mother Wound”

TW: This podcast includes discussions of domestic violence, abuse, murder, grief and loss. Please listen at your own discretion. - Amani Haydar is an incredible human...

Skate – Mates

I kept seeing videos of women rollerskating. Black women; fat women; queer women; women wearing hijabs, a woman using a mobility aid. Skating seemed to be for everyone!

Sheree Rubenstein – Gathering women under One Roof

Sheree Rubinstein has a burning passion to bring women together to network and raise each other up. A former corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur, she...

#42 Sandy Davies | Founder Happy Pause

Today in The Confessional, Sandy chats with Sandy Davies, entrepreneur and founder of Happy Pause Menopause Balm. Necessity is often the mother of invention...

A time for Healing, Life beyond HSV2

Saying goodbye to 2013 was one of the happiest moments of my life. I had finally extricated myself from a long-term relationship with a...

Sisters in Steel Caps

How does one write about sisterhood when referring to the masculine and male-dominated world of construction, mining, building, and the associated industries like trades,...