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Feature Articles

WB40 Finalist for the 2020 Roar Awards

The WB40- Woman Beyond Forty Launched this year and has been nominated for the Roar Awards in the category "Wild Cat of the Year"...

The Hidden Room

Adult Content Warning. What happens when a blogger from the suburbs of NSW starts dating a man who's into sex parties? This anonymous writer shares her no holds barred story of stepping far out of her comfort zone and into the unknown world of Kink...

Diary of a peri-menopausal warrior Queen

Please note: for all things medical, physical or emotional, we recommend you reach out to your medical health practitioner for advice Back in July,...

Pieces of Me – My #MeToo Story

But it is not all puppies and sunshine when I reflect on 1999. You see it is also the year I lost my virginity to a rape. I only admitted to myself in 2017 that is what occurred that night.

Emotional Labour – why are women still carrying the load?

IT'S NOT THE LOAD THAT BREAKS YOU DOWN, IT'S THE WAY YOU CARRY IT. -Lou Holz Recently my partner moved in with me and sharing space with...

The Job Market – Are you feeling lucky?

"LUCK IS NOT CHANCE, IT’S TOIL; FORTUNE’S EXPENSIVE SMILE IS EARNED.” EMILY DICKINSON With rising unemployment, underemployment and the fear of even saying the word...