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Feature Articles

Sandy on the cover of US based Magazine | Women who...

Sandy is now a cover girl... 👧 very humbled 😀 If you are a podcaster or just love listening to women who podcast head...

The healing of Alex, A mother’s dream for her son

“When I explained that the abuse he suffered was not his fault and why, I did not need to tell him twice,” Leceta explains, “His eyes became bright! The healing began.”

Unpacking Menopause and weight gain

Menopause should be a reason to bust out the bubbly and celebrate the end of periods, period pain, leaking, mood swings and for any...

Mother Earth is Feeling the Change

The next time you lament the private summers brought about by changing hormones, spare a thought for Mother Earth. Instead of hormones, greenhouse gases...

Your Place of Work – Does it work for you?

You might not appreciate the impact the built environment or a particular place has on you, until you no longer work there. You might...

Fashion – What on Earth are you wearing?

The UN recently declared that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world; hot on the heels of the oil industry. It...