#36 Kathy Barron | Editor-in-Chief | Women Who Podcast Magazine


When one magazine publisher meets another!

Kathy Barron is the host and producer of the successful California-based podcast Women Who Sarcast, and she joins Sandy in the Confessional as our special guest to chat about her exciting new venture – the launch of Women Who Podcast Magazine!

As the Editor-in-Chief of Women Who Podcast Magazine, Kathy is building a podcast empire by creating the very first magazine solely highlighting female podcasters and sharing the stories of the women behind the podcasts. As podcasts become more popular, female hosted podcasts are gaining popularity in what was previously a male dominated genre. Women who Podcast Magazine is a mag for those of us who podcast, but it also for all fans of podcasts! With hints and tips, and fascinating stories, it’s a great magazine that is shining a spotlight on women.

Sandy was so honoured to be the cover girl for the debut issue of the quarterly mag, Women who Podcast, and excited to chat about being a cover girl for the first time at 51! They also talk about why representation of women matters and how publications like Women Who Podcast and Women Beyond Forty are so important!

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