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#80 Sally Clarke | Co-Director Human Leaders | Author | Burnout Expert

From Australian country girl to global citizen! If you are feeling fatigued, burnout and exhausted, chances are you are not alone! Today in the confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with Sally Clarke, the Co-Director of Human Leaders, author, and Burnout expert. In 2012 Sally was working extremely long hours building a career in commercial law that she had long aspired for. That was until everything changed. While visiting her brother in France, she collapsed at the airport. She was suffering from severe and debilitating burnout. This experience forced Sally to re-evaluate what she really wanted in her life, and after a long period of healing – physically, mentally and spiritually – Sally set about making changes and immersed herself in researching the causes and effects of burnout. Sally has now written two books -Protect Your Spark: How To Prevent Burnout and Live Authentically, and Relight Your Spark: How to Heal and Evolve after Burnout. She is also the co-author of the annual Global Burnout Study, which shares extensive knowledge, experience and research with the latest data from a global study (3200+ participants from 30+ countries). The Global Burnout Study is a handbook for leaders and organizations on what burnout is, how it is caused, and what can be done to stop burnout happening. It incorporates practical tips, on-point reflection questions, and actionable steps. Sally is now the Co-Director of Human Leaders, a peer-to-peer Learning community for human-centred Leadership at all levels. Sally shares her hard-won wisdom and offers amazing advice based on lived experience and sound research. You can follow Sally, purchase her books, and read the 2021 Global Burnout here:


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