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#41 Sue Brabender | Founder Me Time

Sue Brabender joins Sandy in The Confessional for her very first podcast (ever!) to talk about the misnomer that we can “have it all”. Sue was successful and working almost 60 hours a week in the corporate world…which came at a huge cost to her mental and physical health. Suffering with exhaustion, for Sue the burnout was real – her work suffered, her family suffered, and she ultimately suffered, losing herself along the way.

For Sue, it took losing someone very dear to her to have an epiphany that she didn’t have to live this way anymore. What she realised was if she was going to be able to support others, she needed to look after herself first.

Sue started her own business – Me Time. Just For Me., born out of a need to do something for herself.

With a focus on self care ideas (and the gorgeous products to facilitate them!), her hope is that Me Time. Just For Me can heal and nourish, empower and inspire other women.

Sue talks openly and honestly about a break down that ultimately led her to starting her own business with a vision of helping others.

Please welcome Sue Brabender to The Good Girl Confessional!

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