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Megan Rogers


Megan Rogers grew up moving around, which instilled in her a respect for small-town characters and a dislike of linoleum in rental properties. She spent most of her primary school years scribbling in her mother’s 1970s herb books and then telling people they were novels she’d written and published. Always a bit of a geek, libraries have long been Megan’s haven. Within them she’s been able to foster a life-long love of books, the quiet and librarians. She has also been able to use libraries to feed her studies in broad subjects such as mathematics, science, ballet, astronomy and narratology, and to research questions for her novels such as, ‘How does a body decompose in water?’ and ‘Have astrophysicists proven the existence of soul mates?’ After a stint climbing the corporate ladder, where she eventually headed up the marketing for the State Library of Victoria, Megan gave birth to her first child. One day she saw her daughter scribbling in cookbooks the way she had done all those years ago and was reminded, as often children help us be, that life is short and should be spent doing what we love. In 2012 Australian writer Drusilla Modjeska selected Megan out of hundreds of Australia-wide applications for six months of one-on-one mentoring and in 2013 she was invited to present her writing at Oxford University. In 2014 Megan completed a PhD in Creative Writing and won the Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Award. In 2016 Megan won first place in the My Brother Jack literary awards and has been published in literary journals and academic publications. Megan also holds a Bachelor of Arts/Science from Monash University, a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT University, a Graduate Diploma in Professional Communication from Deakin, and a Master of Marketing from Monash University. In 2017 she had her first non-fiction book published Finding the Plot with Demeter Press. Megan lives on the Mornington Peninsula with her husband and two daughters. Megan’s debut novel The Heart is a Star was released May 2023.

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