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Podcast #71 | Natalie Moore and Lisa Saunders | Founders Own Your Health Collective


Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with Natalie Moore and Lisa Saunders. Natalie and Lisa help women achieve holistic health and wellbeing for work and life through their company Own Your Health Collective. They are also the hosts of the Peri Menopause Power Podcast.

They have been those same ambitious women who have spent days juggling the many roles and expectations all while oblivious to the power within them.

Both are fully accredited coaches who have come together with complimentary passions around health and well-being by using their own individual expertise to help women discover whole health. Both have a keen interest in supporting women through the peri-menopause and menopause journey.

Natalie has specialist understanding and skills in mindset coaching and using yoga and mindfulness as life changing tools to support whole health. Lisa focuses on making change manageable by teaching practical and achievable strategies around nutrition for optimal health and wellbeing. Together, they have opened the Own Your Health Wellness Centre, and support women face to face, as well as virtually all over Australia, offering yoga, mindfullness sessions and cooking classes.They have launched half day retreats to support busy women with self care.

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