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Susan Dean


Susan started her own publishing company because she wanted to share people’s stories and knowledge, as she truly believe that stories change lives. Rewind to the beginning – Susan always knew she wanted to help others. After starting her career as a youth worker, she quickly learned the power of story. When someone heard about another’s achievements, it made them think, “Maybe I could do that.” It gave them hope. She then became a coach, working with Dr John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. People learnt so much from reading his book, and that sharing of knowledge inspired her. She thought, I need to share my story too. So, she did. From this, her coaching business grew even faster. Handing out her book gave people the opportunity to get to know, like and trust her. This success made Susan want to help others do the same. Susan has always listened to people’s stories, using tremendous empathy to empower others toward success. This has become her signature trait. Susan started helping others to share their stories in her garage in 2014. After blood, sweat and tears, She now owns and operate a publishing house at Dean Manor, on a five-acre property in Macedon Ranges. They are a team of 12, including my two adult daughters. They have published hundreds of stories of inspiration, including business success, personal triumph and charity development. A huge part of her ‘why’ is giving back her time and resources. This has driven Susan to be a part of many wonderful ‘giving back’ projects, such as Buy1Give1, Rotary Club, BNI Australia and Hands Across the Water. She is a life and business coach, workshop and training facilitator, publisher and entrepreneur. With her help, coaches, authors, mentors and many other business professionals have been able to share their knowledge and exponentially raise their profile, brand and business. She is a visionary and always thinks of new ways business owners can level up in their business, so she has created additional products like audiobooks, online courses, journals, quote cards and more. Susan truly loves what she does, and is excited to help you share about your passion.

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