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#88 Sam Bloom | Surviving trauma to seeing her life on film | World Champion, Author

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with special guest Sam Bloom. Sam’s life would be changed forever when, on a family holiday in Thailand, Sam fell 6 feet from a broken railing. Her recovery was long, involving moments of intense darkness. An unexpected visitor to the Bloom household arrived in the form of a baby native bird – a Magpie they named Penguin. Sam’s husband Cameron, a photographer, captured the most heartwarming images of Penguin with Sam and the family. Penguin would help to heal Sam, and the whole family.

Sam’s extraordinary journey was told in her best-selling book Heartache & Birdsong, and is now the focus of a beautiful film – Penguin Bloom – starring Australian Hollywood actress Naomi Watts.

Sam Bloom and Naomi Watts

Although paralysed in the accident, Sam is now a champion athlete, representing Australia in the canoe world championships and is also a 2 x World Champion Para Surfer.

She shares her journey here with honesty and an open heart.

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Photo credits: Cameron Bloom

Sam Bloom | Heartache & Birdsong (Sam Bloom, Cameron Bloom and Bradley Trevor Grieve) is available here:

The film Penguin Bloom is now available on Netflix.

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