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#84 Sally Prosser | Voice, Public Speaking and Media Coach

Is your fear of public speaking holding you back? Are you struggling to get your message heard? Do you hate the sound of your own voice? Want to nail your next presentation? Command a room when you speak. Do you have to give a speech at a wedding or upcoming event? This might be the podcast episode for you! Today in the confessional, Sandy has a fun chat with Sally Prosser about voice coaching, confidence building, manifesting a partner and ice baths! Sally Prosser is an experienced journalist, TV news reporter and a company spokesperson who then went into Public Relations. Sally also has a following on TikTok page where she does hilarious comedic news reading skits, using her trusty hairbrush as a mircrophone! Now a passionate voice coach, Sally loves helping others find their voice, and build their confidence, Sally uses holistic strategies to help people speak in any scenario they find themselves in so they can grow their business, advance their career, or just find their voice in life. If you think all voice coaching is scary or formal, that’s not her style. Sally is constantly pushing herself out of her comfort zone so she can support others as they move out of theirs. Just recently she hiked up a mountain and jumped into freezing cold water when she got to the top! Down to earth, authentic, and lovely, please welcome Sally to The Good Girl Confessional. You can follow Sally and learn more about her coaching, courses, and advice here:





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