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#83 Karen Ostenried | Founder Leadership Revolution | Equine Therapy and Team Building

Karen Ostenried has worn many hats over the years. From professional singer to
aerobics instructor, to the Chief Operations officer of an international biotech
company.  Karen impressively has three world firsts in medical technology
accredited to her, and a number of Australian firsts in creating genetic models of
human diseases.

In 2009, Karen’s world would change forever. One week after she retired from the
field of science, she would be faced with the devastating Black Saturday bushfires
that tore through Victorian bushland causing widespread devastation and the
greatest loss of life from fire since colonisation. One hundred and seventy-three
people tragically lost their lives, 414 were injured, more than a million wild and
domesticated animals were lost, and 450,000 hectares of land were burned. Karen’s
Kinglake property destroyed, however one of her horses survived. Nursing the horse
back to health proved more difficult that she first imagined and in 2011 she took my
horse to Equine Assisted Therapy. Through this process, Karen quickly realised that
she needed to heal as much as her beloved horse.

By 2017, Karen qualified as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. The primary
driver of this form of learning is to develop an expanded awareness of firstly self and
then of others. It develops essential life skills which can lead to success in all areas
of life and business, and the purest form of leadership. 

Although Karen uses horses, it is very much Human Centred Design.  It relies on
being present to fully comprehend everything around you, calm the mind and make
good decisions with empathy, accountability, and teamwork.  It also relies on trust. 
Today Karen’s business – The Matanya Effect, and Leadership Revolution, work
with Corporate Organisations to small businesses around team building and
leadership skills. She also works with people with low support Autism, some NDIS
clients for life skills, Teams, families, sports, business, community groups and all
levels of leadership up to C suite. 

Join Karen as she chats with host Sandy Lowres and shares her amazing story.

You can follow Karen and her remarkable work here:

Karen Ostenried
Karen Ostenried

The founder and lead facilitator of The Matanya Effect, Karen started with a combined background in operations, biotechnology, and entertainment, that took her around Australia and Germany. Karen knows how important, communication is to be successful in any area of life. Throughout her careers, she became fascinated with peak performance and the link between physical and mental skill development. She has also experience in outdoor education, fitness and trauma recovery after surviving the 2009 Black Saturday wildfires that almost wiped out her community. Her mission is to draw out the strengths of the individual to build relationships, resilience, confidence and results. Her knowledge of sciences, combined with stage experience and animal and human behaviour drives her to refine and fast-track individuals to give them practical skills to lead mindfully and authentically to the greater success for the benefit of the individual and the team/company or group. She specialises in essential life and leadership skills integrated with absolute hands-on learning bringing in the power of the horse. The more fun it is, the easier and longer retention, so she and her team make it experiential and interesting with laughter compulsory and free-flowing. She is Certified by Equine Connection Inc for EAL.

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