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Podcast #70 | Therese Tarlinton | Author

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres is chatting with fellow red-head and marketing guru, Therese Tarlinton!

Therese is passionate about marketing partnerships and is the author of SWAP! Marketing
without Money. She created a start up that grew to a business in five countries
manufacturing for Jeep, Sesame Street and United Colors of Benetton using this strategy.
After selling her company, she now works with the big brands creating campaigns that
collaborate with other businesses, with a focus on delighting their mutual customers. She
has helped charities raise funds, a SAAS get seed funding, been an ambassador for LG
Electronics and now works with CSR creating partnerships with interior designers, tradies
and even The Block.

Having walked in the shoes of a small business owner, Therese knows how it feels to do marketing and feeling like you’re wasting your time and your money on ads that don’t work. Plus the isolation and pressure of making all the decisions.

Having a different marketing view by partnering with other brands is a way to increase your visibility to your ideal audience, enhance your credibility in their eyes and within the industry, and get a return on your investment landing you a profit in your business. With the added bonus of working with other business owners with new ideas and energy.
Reaching out to the right brands, collaborating with them, over delivering on their expectations are all achievable. Most small businesses think that unless they have a huge social following they aren’t partnership potential, but that’s not true. Your brand has loads of ways to contribute and you can learn how. It’s a simple R.E.C.I.P.E.

Your can follow Therese, and buy her book here:

Website – www.theresetarlinton.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/theresetarlintonauthor
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theresetarlinton/

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/therese-tarlinton/

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