Writers/Contributors welcome!

We are always happy to accept submissions for WB40 – Women Beyond Forty. Articles are generally about topics that appeal to those that identify as female, and/or the issues we face. We are always welcoming of guest writers but we do reserve the right to edit as necessary, and to decline publishing if the piece is not suitable for our readership.

Are you interested in contributing to Wb40 – Women Beyond Forty? Our readership is diverse and supportive and we know you’ll be very welcomed and celebrated. Writing can be empowering – for you and for others! We are all about women supporting women. If you are interested in appearing on The Good Girl Confessional Podcast, please click here.

If you are interested in writing, please get in touch. We will email you back as quickly as we can.

What we look for in submissions:

We value quality content — smart ideas, unique and unusual perspectives, diverse voices, female voices — and believe readers do, too. Here is what we consider when evaluating articles and submissions:

  • Does it resonate with those that identify as women?
  • Does the story meet a high editorial standard? – Is it well-written, easy to follow, free of errors, appropriately sourced, narratively strong, and compelling? 
  • Does it add value for the reader? – Does it share new insights or perspectives? Offer an original take on a familiar issue? Does it stir emotions and/or thinking? Provide meaningful advice? Enrich a reader’s understanding of the topic? Does it feel like time well spent?
  • Is it written for the reader? – Is the story written with the reader in mind? Does the story make a connection with the reader or to a larger issue?
  • Is it a complete work? – Is it a finished, polished piece of work? Considered? Concise? Will a reader walk away satisfied?
  • Is it rigorous? – Are claims supported? Sources cited alongside stated facts? Does the story hold up to scrutiny?
  • Is it honest? – Is the story written with authenticity and integrity? Is it truthful? 
  • Does it offer a good reading experience? – Is it properly formatted for the web/mobile? Does it have a clear and relevant headline that lets the reader know what the story is about? An easily readable story body — paragraphs/spacing/styling/section breaks/quotes? 
  • Is it clean? Is it free of typos and errors? 
  • Is the imagery appropriate? Is the imagery relevant and appropriate to the story?
  • Food and Recipe writers: Is the recipe your own? Are the images appropriate to the recipe?

Story disqualifications

Stories must comply withour guidelines and the editorial standards of Wb40. It is important to note, however, that compliance with the standards below does not guarantee publication. In reviewing stories, we are not looking for meaning and purpose.  

  • Content that violates the rules of Wb40, including:
    • Stories that promote intolerance or prejudice against individuals or groups, including the use of scientific or pseudoscientific claims to pathologise, dehumanise, or disempower others.
    • Stories that glorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialise violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths.
    • Stories that exist mainly to target, shame, intimidate, or harass identified, identifiable, or anonymous people.
    • Plagiarism/“borrowing” content without citation
    • Undisclosed affiliate links
    • Nudity that is not content-supportive; it must be appropriate and tasteful to the story
    • Violent, graphic, or offensive images
    • Promotion of self-harm, suicide, or eating disorders
    • Pseudoscience or questionable health/medical/diet claims
    • Conspiracy theories
    • Unsubstantiated accusations of illegal or unethical behaviour
    • Including personal or private information without permission (includes personal communications)
    • No clickbait
      • Clickbait is content that’s designed to entice a reader to click. It often shows up in the form of deceptive or manipulative story packaging (the headline, subheadline, and feature image) — a hyperbolic claim, a too-wide curiosity gap, a titillating image, etc. These stories do not follow through on their promise and often leave the reader unsatisfied.

Standard headline styling is title case for the headline and sentence case for the subtitle. This isn’t required but is ideal.

And here are some guidelines:

Have a look at some of the articles that have been featured. We’re not strict on word limits – anything between 500 and 1500 words is fine. If you want to write more, that’s fine too, but we reserve the right to edit if necessary.

Your guest post should either be in a Word (or Pages for Mac) document and sent in an email. Please do not embed photos in a word document – send them as attachments. Plain text is preferred.

Editing will be for spelling, structure, links and content.

Please note, we are very happy to share your websites, blogs and social media accounts with our community. Please send through links to be shared with your work. We encourage you to share your guest posts/articles with your networks once they’re published. Please send through a high resolution picture of yourself that you’re comfortable with sharing online. If your article is published, we will include your photograph (with permission) and your links on our contributor’s page.