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Karen Ostenried


The founder and lead facilitator of The Matanya Effect, Karen started with a combined background in operations, biotechnology, and entertainment, that took her around Australia and Germany. Karen knows how important, communication is to be successful in any area of life. Throughout her careers, she became fascinated with peak performance and the link between physical and mental skill development. She has also experience in outdoor education, fitness and trauma recovery after surviving the 2009 Black Saturday wildfires that almost wiped out her community. Her mission is to draw out the strengths of the individual to build relationships, resilience, confidence and results. Her knowledge of sciences, combined with stage experience and animal and human behaviour drives her to refine and fast-track individuals to give them practical skills to lead mindfully and authentically to the greater success for the benefit of the individual and the team/company or group. She specialises in essential life and leadership skills integrated with absolute hands-on learning bringing in the power of the horse. The more fun it is, the easier and longer retention, so she and her team make it experiential and interesting with laughter compulsory and free-flowing. She is Certified by Equine Connection Inc for EAL.

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