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Faith Agugu


Faith moved to Australia for love over 29 years ago. After losing a much-wanted pregnancy, She fell into a deep depression where Faith was abusing alcohol to medicate her grief. After committing to rehab and many years of personal development, she discovered that the core of her problem was a belief that she was unlovable and unworthy. Faith threw herself into a 12-step recovery and worked with a number of spiritual teachers. She also embraced various philosophies and went deeper into her practice of meditation and yoga. Through it all, Faith came to a place of self-love and self-acceptance. She is passionate about guiding others back to a loving place where, with courage, they begin to discover lost hope and gain the strength to put the broken pieces back together again. When people first come to her, they have a deep sense of hopelessness. she wants them to know that even though they have no hope at that moment, her job is to hold onto hope for them until they are strong enough to embody it for themselves. Faiths clients describe her as a practical and grounded healer and counsellor. Her three-year adventure into a social science degree has impacted her practice, bringing a balance to her naturally intuitive nature. Faith is passionate about helping her clients to find their inner strength and to integrate it into their work, relationships and passions. Faith travels to London twice a year where and runs group events, and also available for one-on-one sessions with London-based clients during this time.

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