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Podcast #112 | Faye Brown and Lauren French |Founders of Fashion brand Motto

Today in the Confessional, host Sandy Lowres chats with Faye Brown and Lauren French, the mother/daughter fashionista duo behind the successful clothing brand, Motto.

When Faye started Motto in 1986, she couldn’t have predicted that years later she would be working side by side with her daughter. While both design the styles Motto is renowned for, they each bring their own unique flair. 

Motto has a chain of successful stores, and like many retail brands, needed to change their way of thinking when the pandemic hit.

Lauren is spearheading Motto’s online business which just keeps growing! Faye and Lauren share videos wearing their range, but also offer useful tips on how to style, and mix and match their amazing pieces. Their success stems from their ability to stay ahead of the curve. While they have classic signature pieces, they also inject fun and limited edition items also. 

Having two generations of women leading the business, they are helping women of all ages to express themselves and build their confidence through dopamine dressing! They are passionate about helping women find their own style, regardless of their age or stage of life. 

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