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#98 Nicole Webb | China Blonde Musings | Author, Journalist and Book Publicist

There is no doubt that moving to a new country can be exciting but also disruptive, jarring, and disorienting. Having a baby shortly after brings a whole new set of challenges and learnings. Nicole Webb, a journalist and news reader turned media consultant and author, chats with host Sandy Lowres about what she experienced when moving from Australia to Hong Kong and eventually China while adjusting to her life as a new mother.

Nicole chats about how she managed to adapt and thrive in the midst of tremendous professional and personal change. She is open and honest about her career in the media and how the landscape of media impacted her.

In 2010, she left the news desk, and pregnant, moved to Hong Kong with her hotelier husband where she lived for four years, before moving to Xi’an, North West China. Nicole continued her work in all things media across Asia-Pacific as well as starting her memoir China Blonde which she published in 2020.

As she continued to navigate the ever-changing pace of motherhood, she continued to work as a freelance Journalist, Writer, Speaker, Presenter, Media Trainer and Master of Ceremonies.

Having survived and thrived in the land of chopsticks, dim sum and very tall buildings, in 2014 Nicole and her husband found ourselves in Xi’an, one of China’s oldest and most revered cities. A land with an ancient history.

Her memoir ‘China Blonde’ reveals more, with Nicole sharing all of those things she couldn’t say from China.

Back in Sydney since 2017, in the spirit of adventure,| Nicole and her family will soon make the move to Singapore.



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