i am gone

here but not

there but not

in out

out in

floating, gone again

i am dissociation

i am

pelt of shame

a foreign heart

i am come apart

i am

And then him/he saw

how my body keeps the score

busted breath

heart not mine

bones maligned

he saw me

And out of my seeping sinews wept

an aching, petrified trust, crept

I am bare

More afraid of this than before

Who am I without shame’s pinafore?

I am woman

near fully broke

unseen, unloved, untethered, unspoke

Out from discarded things, I come

a slither of trust tap taps my drum

I am broken, beat from war

I am all the Hers that went before

I am standing, spine bent, bones sheer

I am standing, I am standing here

I am (broken)Woman

I am

Simonne Michelle

Simonne Michelle is a Melbourne-based writer, philanthropy professional, and feminist. She has just started using Medium as a way of jotting down some of her musings on life, womanhood, and creativity. https://simonne-91050.medium.com, and can be found on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/simonnemichellewriter/