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Sexy Ageing
Sexy Ageing

Sandy joined Tracey on her Podcast.

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SOUL: Keeping it Real with Leah Simmons Sexy Ageing

Leah Simmons is a certified Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She has dedicated over 14 years to transforming people’s physiques (including her own) but soon realised that just training your body wasn’t enough to make you happy. After moving to Bali in 2015, Leah embarked on a 4-year journey of self-discovery to uncover exactly what it took to be truly healthy and truly happy. Leah created KAAIAA; a fitness program to help people unlock the courage and strength inside themselves to go beyond what they think is possible… and ultimately transform their life. Her philosophy is simple – "Change the way you view yourself and you’ll change the way the world views you" You can connect with Leah and KAAIAA in the links LEAH SIMMONS INSTAGRAM KAAIAA INSTAGRAM KAAIAA WEBSITE KAAIAA FACEBOOK SEXY AGEING WEBSITE My Menopause Memoir Book LINK TO DECODING SUCCESS PODCAST — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tracy-minnoch/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tracy-minnoch/support
  1. SOUL: Keeping it Real with Leah Simmons
  2. SOUL: Body Positivity in Midlife
  3. Chapter 9 & 10: Brain Fog & Memory Loss
  4. SOUL: Dying to Live
  5. Chapter 8: Irregular Periods