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Sexy Ageing
Sexy Ageing

Sandy joined Tracey on her Podcast.

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BODY: Fitness Trainers Talk Menopause Sexy Ageing

How do fitness trainers manage their menopause symptoms? It's a NEW discussion for those of us within the fitness industry as many women I know that work within the industry had never had a discussion about menopause or perimenopause symptoms.  This honest and open discussion with Wendy Elphinstone, Presenter and Trainer from Les Mills Asia Pacific, bares all. From weight gain to anxiety to vaginal dryness – we will give you the heads up! I'm so grateful for women like Wendy who continue to inspire instructors and gym members alike AND own this stage of life with honesty. (Apologies for the echo in this episode – not quite sure what happened there! But worth listening to nevertheless) Wendy Elphinstone Instagram Sexy Ageing Website: FREE Menopause Symptom Tracker My Menopause Memoir Download Wits & Weights: Strength and Nutrition for Skeptics using your favorite podcast app or at witsandweights.com/podcast and get your FREE Protein Power Transformation Program at witsandweights.com. This is a 14-day habit transformation to help fix your nutrition and get more protein. Links are in the show notes! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tracy-minnoch/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tracy-minnoch/support
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