How does one write about sisterhood when referring to the masculine and male-dominated world of construction, mining, building, and the associated industries like trades, transport, and logistics? 

The perception is that we either turn to our more masculine traits or turn away from this industry. While it is true that it is a very harsh industry to have babies and balance the juggle, it can and has been done by many amazing women I have met over the years while working on project sites. There is still a perception that those women are the exception rather than the rule. The media doesn’t help when it bangs on about that one woman who dared speak up over a rude and sexist joke. Media and society as a whole tend to ignore the many women who have risen above the stereotypes, harassment, innuendos, and doubt that all of society gives to women who remain in the construction and associated industries. How often do you hear stories from the women who have been in the industry for over 20 years, 30 years, and beyond? Not nearly enough. It is very difficult when even in 2021 there are some women who think that women can’t and don’t belong in the industry, because “heavy things”. 

The perception of these industries, and what it is like to work in them, has changed somewhat over the course of my 30 years of experience. When I first started, I was told bluntly to my face……

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Becky Paroz

Becky Paroz is an author, blogger and coach who has worked for nearly 30 years in the construction industry, taking names and making one for herself. She has made a place in the world, she has never waited for a space to open for her. She is a mentor and coach and has released her first book The Words of Bek.