Contributor | Kwavi Agbeyegbe | Author | Life Coach


Kwavi, ais an author of a book called: 50 Questions to Answer When You Reach 50 – A guide to help women thrive and shine in their 50s and beyond.

She is on a mission to change the world one woman over 50 at a time. We live in a youth obsessed society that is constantly telling women over 50 they don’t matter. She is helping women to challenge the thoughts coming from their brain that sound like facts when it comes to how they view themselves as they get into their 50s and beyond. The work she is doing will not only change our generation but the younger generation coming after us.

She just completed an interview series in June/July called 50 Shades of Over 50, where she interviewed 51 women in different countries about their experiences of being over 50. She did this to highlight the different voices and to showcase that being over 50 does not come in a one size fits all and to encourage women to rock their 50’s in their own way.

The book was inspired by this question: “What advice would your 90 year old self give you today?

Topics she cares about

• How to regret-proof your life

• It’s not too late?
• The most important skill every woman needs to ensure this next chapter is more exciting than their past.