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#100 Kayte Murphy | Pioneer Blogger – From rehab to artistic reinvention

I’m Sandy Lowres, the host of The Good Girl Confessional Podcast and I am so excited to bring you the 100th Episode today with our special guest Kayte Murphy!!

Over the years, Kayte has worn many hats – As Mrs Woog, she became one of Australia’s most successful professional pioneer bloggers (@woogsworld). She has also created a thriving community of like-minded women. Kayte is an author and writer and was the co-host of the popular podcast The Hot Flush, where she and Kim Berry talked honestly about their lived experience of Peri-menopause.

You can listen to their The Good Girl Confessional podcast episode here: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/41361196 During the pandemic, Kayte, like a lot of women, turned to alcohol for comfort but realised her relationship with drinking had become more than problematic. Kayte openly shares her journey into her awakening that in the grip of peri-menopause and depression, alcohol was ruling her life, and her experience of going to rehab. She also shares how therapy led to a brand new passion and purpose – painting. Now sober for over 12 months, Kayte has reinvented herself as an artist, bringing joy to many, but more importantly healing herself.

Thank you to Kayte for sharing your hard-won wisdom and lived experience so openly. You can follow Kayte Murphy here:



View and Buy Kayte’s art here: https://bluethumb.com.au/kayte-murphy

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