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Fresh blood Podcast –

Sandy talks about the importance of believing in yourself, supporting other women, overcoming a great storm of difficulties and how it feels as life finally begins at the age of 40.

Sandy Lowres is a writer, creative and podcaster based in Melbourne’s west. She is the founder and Creative Director of Wb40 – Women Beyond Forty Magazine and the podcast host of The Good Girl Confessional. Sandy has enjoyed a diverse and interesting career spanning business owner, manager, coordinator, writer, blogger and creative. She has never been afraid to challenge herself and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Sandy has always been passionate about women’s rights and through her long standing blog she created a community of amazing woman who are now a part of this Wb40 tribe.

Sandy, I’m looking forward to learning more about your story, please tell me a bit about your path to this point

From Jolie Downs website here

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