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The healing of Alex, A mother’s dream for her son

Trigger Warning- Child Abuse, Abuse, Trauma.

Leceta Chisholm Guibault  is determined to give her son Alex the life she knows he deserves, in Canada, living in their cottage home on Lake Mush-a-Mush along Nova Scotia’s southern shore, with her husband Jean and their children. This life  however is a stark contrast to the journey of her adopted son, Alex.

Leceta and Jean adopted their daughter Kahleah from Guatemala in 1991, and their son Tristan in 1994 in Medellin, Colombia. Guatemalan- born Alex, a handsome man with a broad white smile, was 19 years old when he met Leceta, the woman who would become his mother. 

Alex has survived a brutal childhood in Guatemala and is now healing with the help of his family. Until he was seven, he was forced to work in fields by his biological parents, until the unthinkable happened, and Alex was sold to someone else for $2000. Alex struggles to recall his life prior to that age. With Leceta’s help, he was able to find his biological family. His siblings confirmed that their parents had indeed sold Alex to an organ harvester.

The orphanage director told him he was too ugly and too stupid to be adopted. The haunting childhood picture of Alex with blood on his nose and a crooked smile was taken to be included in a thank-you card one Christmas for an American sponsor.

“The first memory that I had was somebody kicking me on the stomach. I got up quickly and started to look around. I didn’t know what was happening,” Alex says.

 He remembers he was tied to a pole attached to his ankle and an adult numbered the eleven children he was with; Alex was Number 6. He learned the……….

Sandy Lowreshttps://wb40.com
Sandy Lowres is a writer, blogger and podcaster. With a background in communications, she is the founder of WB40 - Women Beyond forty, and host of The Good Girl Confessional Podcast.
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