The Power of self love


With each article that I write about Self Love I find myself getting more and more radical in my beliefs and convictions about it being the quintessential requirement for your health and happiness. Forgive me, but I won’t be beating around the bush here; if you believe that Self -Love is being selfish, this article may challenge you. 

You see, I’ve been where you may be right now.

The good, ‘stand behind her man’ wife, the loyal ‘do anything for you’ friend, the fabulous, ’we can always count on her’ sister, the committee laden community pillar, the devoted ‘no matter what it takes’ mother to four children. I lived tirelessly giving, giving and giving some more as I thought was my duty until the day I had nothing left to give. 

On the morning I realized this, I awoke just like many other days. My head was already pounding and I reached for my medication, the one I never left home without. I hadn’t slept well and had been tossing and turning most of the night after I had awakened from yet another one of my night terrors; drenched in sweat, ripping at some imaginary fear. I showered and dressed to begin my day of work at my husband’s side. My stomach in knots and my hips full of a familiar dull ache with occasional shooting pain. 

I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself……

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