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Between divorce and dating, Pause

I’ve written a great deal about dating over years, since hitting the scene shortly after my divorce. I’ve offered all sorts of advice to middle aged singles, from how to avoid getting scammed (Reverse Image Search is your friend), to how to manage a first date (keep it brief, have an exit plan), to how to reject someone with minimal fallout (tell them you’re just not feeling a connection). 

Like any advice, it is there to take or to leave. There are no real rules in dating. Everyone must find their own way. 

Still, if there is just one piece of advice I could impart to the newly single, it is to not rush onto the dating scene. Take some time to regroup after your separation. Stop, pause, breathe.

I have seen countless people jump onto dating apps mere weeks – and, sometimes, days – after exiting a long relationship. They do it because……..

Out There
Now, in this comprehensive survival guide, Kerri shares her wisdom. Peppered with hilarious anecdotes from her five years on the scene, She will show you what to expect when you join a dating site, which men to avoid, which men are worth a shot and, most importantly, how to protect yourself along the way.
Kerri Sackvillehttp://lifeandothercrises.blogspot.com/
Author. Columnist. Social commentator. Serial monogamist.
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