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Hearten up – must know facts about heart attacks and menopause

Two years ago, Sharon was feeling fantastic, having finally smashed out a great gym session after weeks of fatigue.  And no wonder! The fit, health-conscious 52-year-old had been training in a new role as executive assistant to a chief government officer and was obviously overloaded and tired.  That was in the past, thought Sharon as she put petrol into her car.  She would reward herself with a coffee from her favorite barista at the servo even though she was experiencing a random bout of heartburn.

After ordering her coffee, Sharon’s heartburn intensified and she started retching and sweating and feeling strangely dissociated from her body.  Although Sharon couldn’t feel her arms, she managed to wave her hand at the mention of an ambulance. “I remember thinking this is a complete over-reaction to heartburn,” thought Sharon in the ambulance.  

“They’re going to think I am wasting their time.”  Heart trouble did not cross Sharon’s mind until the cardiac surgeon told her……….

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