She’s the Boss Podcast with Sandy

Sandy Pic on the She's the boss Podcast

Sandy Lowres, Founder of WB40 magazine (Women Beyond 40) and The Good Girl Confessional podcast is a woman who has found her groove. And it’s one we can all celebrate! Having had many years working as an EA for many business leaders across a variety of industries, Sandy knew she wanted to support women. Particularly those of us who are over 40 and practically invisible in mainstream media. She started the Good Girl Professional podcast in 2019 so she could share the incredible stories of inspirational businesswomen (are you seeing a theme?!) and in 2020 she decided to start publishing her very own print magazine, WB40. Sandy is the most positive and uplifting woman to talk to and this interview is filled with tips, inspiration and positive affirmations for older women in business (and in life!). This is one not to miss – and make sure you subscribe to her magazine!!