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Podcast 020 – Dr. Catherine Barrett – Founder |The Kindness Pandemic

Dr Catherine Barrett is a doctor, educator and researcher who started #TheKindnessPandemic only 3 weeks ago and it has become a global movement with over 600,000 followers and growing daily.
💓This podcast runs for 49.22 mins.
(Trigger Warning: This Podcast does contain references to sexual and physical assault from 21:00 – 32.00)

❤️Dr Barrett is a Melbourne based doctor, researcher and educator who started this project which already has over 800,000 followers in only 3 weeks! As COVID-19 hits, she decided that this is a time for us to unite and to spread kindness. Kindness won’t make the virus go away, but it will make our lives easier and richer. #TheKindnessPandemic focuses on spreading kindness across the world and are particularly interested in #IntersectionalKindness. The message is, we can all do acts of kindness in the world.

❤️Dr Barrett is also the Director of an anti-ageism organisation called Celebrate Ageing which aims to support older women in the community, and is an advocate protecting older women against sexual assault.


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