How to know when its time to change your job

should i stay or should i go

Are you feeling stuck in your job or career? Perhaps you’ve been striving and working towards something, and now you’ve achieved it, it still seems to be lacking. Or maybe you’re at a crossroads, ruminating about the frustrations of your job but your options of staying or leaving seem equally unpalatable. Are you at a point where now you’re tired of complaining about your work and others are tired of listening? For some, you may have the option of volunteering for a redundancy, but you are unable to come to a decision, because going seems too daunting and yet staying leaves a lingering fear of a potential axe falling at any time, without warning.

 While these situations and contexts are all different, what is common is that you need to have thought through your situation in a way that productively helps you make a decision. 

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it” Maya Angelou

Most of us have an aspiration of liking what we do and how we do it and that our career or job should be about more than just paying the bills and survival. That the precious time we spend at work utilises our strengths and skills, helps us grow and learn, builds rewarding relationships with others and enables us to contribute something meaningful, all while leaving enough room and energy for the other priorities in life. 

Maybe you’re like many others that are unhappy and dissatisfied with their job, but for some reason you are just not able to come to a decision about making a change. Psychologists have long studied judgement and decision making. Humans make decisions in two distinct ways, consciously analytically or unconsciously using our “gut”, intuition or instinct (although both depend on the brain). However, before anyone makes a decision and takes action they will contemplate or think about ……


Amalia Chilianis

Amalia Chilianis is a coach with over 25 years of corporate experience. Shortly due to publish her first book on helping people secure meaningful work in a new future. She is a courageous leader and an encourager of others who is determined that the next 20 years of work and life will be different to the last.