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The Colours of Music Rachel Walker Mason

While chatting with Rachel Mason Walker, who had just dropped her child at school, it’s almost impossible not to smile, such is her infectious laughter and her vibrant purple hair. Balancing marriage, motherhood and her work, Rachel has carved out an extraordinary career as an award-winning songwriter, working with Grammy nominees, Billboard Hot 100 artists, alumni from The Voice UK and American Idol, Award winning Country artists and Emmy winners. She’s even co-written a song for Dua Lipa. 

Perhaps working in the music industry was fated for Rachel. From childhood she has been writing song lyrics and has a unique ability to see music in her mind’s eye as colours. Rachel is a synesthete, having the neurological condition synesthesia, which means that Rachel’s mind processes more than one sense at a time giving her perception an extra dimension. Rachel hears music and sees it in colour form. For other people with the condition, they may be able to “taste” words, or perceive food as geometric shapes. For Rachel this has proven to be a gift she calls her superpower.

“I always felt my happiest and most fulfilled when I was singing or writing music, so it felt natural to make it my career path,” Rachel explains, “I’ve never wanted to do anything else as a job and I’m lucky that I’ve been able to live my dream.”

Rachel’s dream job has taken her all over the world and allowed her to coach hundreds of singers from novices to West End performers. She has run an artist management company, a record label and worked consistently in her community, encouraging different generations to bond through the arts. It’s not surprising then that Rachel is the only musician ever to be named Freelancer of the Year. Rachel has also been made the British representative for the World Choir Council, the International Singer Songwriter Association and the Intercontinental Music Awards.

In 2010, Rachel and a dancer colleague decided to…..

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