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Donna Stolzenberg A force for Good

Donna Stolzenberg has just been awarded the honor of Victorian Australian of the Year 2021, and with good reason. 

She hasn’t had a single day off in 2020, such is her passion for her work. A proud Indigenous woman from Ngajtumay and Mirning people, and the mother of five sons, Donna is the Founder and CEO of the National Homeless Collective, working tirelessly for the last six years to directly help those affected by homelessness and domestic violence. 

When I meet Donna for the first time in a video chat, she greets me with a warm smile. She has the aura of a woman with stories to tell and a clear purpose. 

Donna, a powerhouse for good, has created no less than six sub-charities under the National Homeless Collective, which started after a chance encounter. She began with a sleeping bag drive for homeless people from her lounge-room in Hillside, in Melbourne’s west, after she was haunted by the sight of a homeless man, asleep on a park bench on a freezing cold night, whom she thought was dead. 

She was so impacted that within eight weeks, ………

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