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Shirly Maya Tan – Contributor

Shirley Maya Tan is a writer, blogger and mentor who is featured in Huffington Post UK, Elephant Journal and The B-Side. Shirley is a single mother living in Kuala Lumper and writes about motherhood, dating, sexuality and more on her site The Art of Fearless Living, which is an intimate, authentic and revealing portrait of Shirley’s quest to live fearlessly in an increasingly complex world. Shirley is also passionate about the GK Enchanted Farm in the Phillipines, a platform that is raising social entrepreneurs, helping local farmers and creating wealth where it is needed.


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A Letter to My Ex

Sometimes we do not know how much a decision will impact us until it is done. This is the case for me, and my divorce. It has undoubtedly changed my life, and me. So, today I share with all of you this post written as a letter to my ex. It is my way of putting my past to rest. May I present, “A Letter to my Ex”